Scaletta manufactures armored sedans, SUVs, limousines, and vans that help protect the lives of people around the world.

We work with clients to develop the armor package and modifications best suited for the vehicle model they want and the threats they face. Our work is performed in-house in our secure facility  -- from suspension and braking modifications to show-quality paint and luxury upfits. 

Armor packages that meet your threats.

Including protection from handguns, rifles, armor piercing ammunition, and roadside blast. Our systems and integration are verified by independent test labs.

There's no single standard for vehicle armoring levels in use worldwide. We focus on the threats you face and design armor systems in terms of:

  • The exact ammunition (not the weapon) it protects against
  • The ammunition’s impact velocity
  • The number of hits at a given spacing that the armor can withstand
  • The angle of obliquity
  • The characteristics and standoff of the explosive charge

Vehicles Loaded with Features and Options.

Including opaque passenger compartment armoring in the doors, roofs, rails, pillars, roof and floor to defeat all potential shot lines, with overlaps at critical seams 

Transparent Armor/Ballistic Glass

Run-Flat Tire Inserts

Steel mesh protection to prevent assailants from inserting objects or devices in the tailpipe

Dual battery system that activates if the original becomes disabled

Engine compartment fire suppression system

Grille flashing lights

Siren and public address system

Self-healing fuel tank

Ram bumpers

And many more!